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About Us
Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP) comprising of about more than 2000 individuals as its members, is the sole technical as well as welfare representative body of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan. In the early days of aviation atmosphere in Pakistan it was felt by the Aircraft Engineers that they should have a separate platform of their own from where they can enhance their image and status. By the grace of Almighty and with the coordinated efforts of all its members SAEP was finally established.

With the passage of time the strength of SAEP kept on growing and today we can very well boast of up-keeping the basic trends and functions as the prime object for Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan. We had and we still have stalwarts as our members who can be quoted to be authorities on maintenance and overhaul of Aircraft.

SAEP has played a pivotal role in the growth of aviation industry in Pakistan as well as in international level. Skill and talent of its members is recognized both domestically and internationally and wherever our member is found, he is seen placed in high esteem.

SAEP is the founder member of International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) and affiliated with Aircraft Engineers International (AEI).

SAEP established in 1956 is engaged in promoting the Civil Aviation technology in Pakistan. It is recognized by PIA as the sole bargaining body and ever since the day of its induction, it has been endeavouring for the upkeep and uplift of the image and status of its membership. It is because of hard work, dedication and sense of purpose of its members that today Pakistan is fully capable of In-house maintenance of high tech aircrafts and equipments.

Members of SAEP have contributed tremendously in the establishment of aircraft maintenance infrastructure in friendly countries like UAE, Libya, Jordan, Malta and Yugoslavia.

The standard of Flight Safety and Airworthiness maintained by the members of SAEP is recognized by the ICAO and regulatory agencies of USA, UK, France EU/EASA wielding to awarding of certificate of approval to PIA.

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